PetidZakladni sance na chyceniTaming
Poring100270%Unripe Apple
ChonChon101150%Rotten Fish
Spore101450%Dew Laden Moss
PecoPeco101930%Fatty Chubby Earthworm
Orc Warrior102340%Orc Trophy
Munak102640%No Recipient
Isis102940%Armlet of Obedience
Poporing103150%Bitter Herb
Hunter Fly103540%Monster Juice
Golem104030%Magical Lithography
Steel ChonChon104240%Rusty Iron
Picky104960%Earthworm the Dude
Rocker105260%Singing Flower
Smokie105650%Sweet Potato
Yoyo105740%Tropical Banana
Lunatic106360%Rainbow Carrot
Poison Spore107740%Deadly Noxious Herb
Baphomet Jr.110125%Book of the Devil
Baby Desert Wolf110740%Well-Dried Bone
Deviruchi110930%Contract in Shadow
Dokebi111038%Old Broom
Drops111360%Orange Juice
Goblin112240%Knife Goblin Ring
Goblin112340%Flail Goblin Ring
Goblin112540%Hammer Goblin Ring
Marionette114335%Delicious Shaved Ice
Medusa114820%Splendid Mirror
Petite115519%Shining Stone
Savage Babe116715%Sweet Milk
Sohee117050%Silver Knife of Chastity
Whisper117950%Fit Pipe
Bon Gun118850%Her Heart
Zealotus120035%Forbidden Red Candle
Wanderer120822%Vagabond's Skull
Christmas Goblin124520%Sweet Candy Cane
Alice127536%Soft Apron
Goblin Leader129912%Staff Of Leader
Succubus137028%Boy's Pure Heart
Incubus137428%Girl's Naivety
Nightmare Terror137916%Hell Contract
Diabolic138220%Red Burning Stone
Deleter138516%Holy Marble
Miyabi Doll140433%Girl's Doll
Evil Nymph141632%Charming Lotus
Stone Shooter149528%Oilpalm Coconut
Dullahan150422%Luxury Whisky Bottle
Loli Ruri150522%Very Red Juice
Mao Guai151325%Fan Of Wind
Green Maiden151930%Tantan Noodle
Leaf Cat158635%Very Soft Plant
White Lady163020%Shiny Wing Gown
Fire Imp183730%Ice Fireworks
Aqua Elemental201650%Kapka